What the heck is a CatMonkeyRun? 

CatMonkeyRun is a photography and related media artist currently concentrating on two collections (Americana and Narrative) of archival boxed photography series and monograph zines, using the nom de guerre CatMonkeyRun as a creative alter ego.


Archival box series are available through CatMonkeyRun's agent for a production cost equivalent charitable donation to a mutually agreed non-profit organization, plus agent commission. 

Photograph monograph zines are available at or below cost plus shipping from CatMonkeyRun's Zines page.

CatMonkeyRun retains all originals and copyright.


2019 - CatMonkeyRun reinitiated publication of limited edition photo zines.

2008 and ongoing - Concentration on archival boxed collections of themed photographs (Americana and Narrative), and digitally assembled montage works rendered as pigment prints on archival cotton rag art paper or canvas.  All current works are created to have no intrinsic or asset value and CatMonkeyRun retains all originals and copyright. 

2001 - 2007 Re-exploration of mediums and formats.  Initiated two new portfolios of work, digitally assembled montage art and themed photography.

2000 Curtailed regular gallery exhibition.  CatMonkeyRun continues to exhibit work on-line and physically on occasion.

Chronology of gallery exhibits prior to regular exhibition curtailment is available on request.


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